In this lonely world I met you_3000字

时间:2015-04-26 03:23:24

  Before I know him, I always thought that the world no one can understand me, I am the most lonely.

  Every time like a fool to tell others your hobby, your experience, your views on everything, just want to someone can understand your feeling of the heart. Can return is doesn't matter, no one care about your feelings. No matter you are happy, or sad, or sad, and the like were sharp needles, deeply hurt my heart. Heartbroken, finally and one day to prevent it being hurt again, you must lock it up, don't let anyone come into contact with, do you think you are no longer sad...

  Whenever night comes, however, think of mom, still can't help but shed tears, but you can't cry in the daytime, because you can not let others see your vulnerability. I have been think parents' love is eternal, no matter how the time is gone, you how again, mom won't change, but I was wrong, wrong. Originally, from which the car travel, means that she is becoming more and more far away from me, she didn't come back, I lost her, I pretend doesn't matter, only oneself know, heart in drop of blood, it is very painful, very painful, really very painful...

  Ya can understand my pain, for him, I know that I am lucky, and my mother at least 14 years of memories, but he doesn't even have a moment recall memories, sometimes really do not understand the adults, why attached to us these children suffer together, we are innocent, dad always said she was here in front of me is bad, how bad, there is always force me to call her back, call me crying she came back, I can't do that, can't do that, really can't do that, I will not cry, will not cry to call her back, she hated amoi will not come, I would not keep, don't come back will never come back. In you don't answer my phone, that moment, I will you it doesn't matter, I thank you my birth, but, why do you want to let me so you take, my heart aches, it hurts, I am doing something wrong, do something wrong, do you want to do this to me. However, it doesn't matter, I like when you have never appeared.

  He is single parent families, I like him strong, also said that he is more pitiful, his mother had left him, he is very optimistic, at least in front of people, he can pretend to be happy, don't know is who said that the most happy laughter, that must have hurt is that, every time do homework in the classroom, can always hear a burst of laughter coming from out of the window, very big very presumptuous, but who know in such a people who love to laugh have a lonely heart.

  Every time I see his back, alone in the corner of the classroom to write, shuttle between dining room and the classroom alone...

  Don't know, when the dead of night, he will also weep alone? But never like me so fragile.

  Everyone in this big world, is likely to be looking for a have the same with oneself, experience, snuggling in a corner of the world.

  When I'm sad, he will comfort me, in his own painful past, tell me to be strong, to be as optimistic as he. When the helpless, the first thought is he...

  Once, I asked students borrowed rice card two yuan, after the event, she said to me, "he Carrie's money more than this, that doesn't mean to say with me, I have no explanation, just said I took just two yuan, I very grievance, I cried and ran out, I don't know what to do, I don't have that much money is she, it took me only two yuan, I thought of him, I ran to the classroom, I don't see him, a classmate and I said he go to school the supermarket downstairs, I ran to the it again, he is on the payment, I see him he has more than eighty CARDS shown on the counter, I borrowed from him, he immediately borrowed, I can't wait to rush into the classroom. Give the card to her, tell her, how much how much less, but I took just two yuan, case-dough tears in her eyes was not started again, have wronged, sad also have moved, for a stranger just know soon, he also can be so believe, however, a man with a semester of, don't believe you, it's ironic, ah.

  In this school, my first birthday, is also full of tears, but not because of moving.

  Birthday the day before, my deskmate is a boy in our class to class name is a boy, and said he have words and I said, say that like me, I also like him, in fact, I and he is just a village. Childhood playmates, and murakami's people go to school together, four or five years I not come back, to see him, and talk more, childhood memories of her, happy, because of ignorance and innocence, because pure and simple, because simple and happy, but some thought not pure classmates think slanting. I don't cry because she blather, but this better be defiled by her.

  After the event, I request to swap places, to the teacher in charge, and tell the teacher in charge in this matter, sit at the same table also apologized to me, also let me understand the tears for the first time the sentence "sorry" because you will not disappear, I will not because you're a "sorry" and helped to tears of canthus. Disappear is the relationship between us.

  Birthday that day, the teacher said to the two classmates to buy cakes buy a cake to celebrate my birthday, I don't want to, because I was afraid of, have any questions on the female classmate in our class but the teacher insisted on, because don't have much money, I was only out of the twenty dollars.

  To school, don't know if I am too sensitive, I saw the classmates together, I don't listen to, I think they have opinions about the cake, for I have opinions. I turned away and cried as he ran, I ran to the classroom to cry, actually just small voice SOB, also see someone come, then I wipe the tears canthus, pretended not to happen. But I really can't help, eye tears fall down, I run away again, this time, I thought of, want parents to send money, can only remember the mother's telephone, to call her, I hold the phone, I don't know how long telephone dial, just called and said the most, just say to send money. But when I went to take money, didn't know he did not send money to come over.

  Although, I think of a solution, but I still don't heartache, I absent the lesson, the students went to the music classroom, and I a person curled up in the corner of the classroom, weep alone. Think for the first time, I am a no home child, for the first time feel the society is so reality. The class was over, I want to go wash my face, and at the corner of the stairs I met ya again, every time the most mess in my most sad, is always met him, I do not know is the fate, or the school is too small, and at the same time he always ask: who hit you? As if to help me to beat back, every time is so always have a much better, at least in this world or someone to care about why I cry...

  We are two have the same experience, encounter with the same have a lot in common. He has a very good, not so much wrong. Sad, we will comfort each other, happy, also can share together, very simple also very happy!