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There is such a voice, though not natural, but lingering in my heart; there is such a voice, although not tactfully moving, but let me always remember in my heart.

Get up Early in the morning, my mother's loud voice "work". I wake up from my sleep by rubbing my waist and stretching my eyes. I looked at the clock, only 5 o'clock, thought it was early! I'm going to sleep for a while. So I'm going to lie back. At this time, the mother's voice rang again: "hurry up, hurry up! The porridge is cold Eh, my mother seems to be a worm in my stomach. She knows my mind and reminds me timely. "I see. I'll get up soon!" I got up quickly and ran for dinner.

My mother, who was making up outside, seemed to find something else and asked me in a loud voice, "don't forget to bring something." "Oh, I see!" I immediately checked it and found that I had no pencil case with me. I immediately went back to my small room. I saw the pencil box lying there. It immediately looked very happy to see me back, and the box surface flashed light, as if to say: "little master, you are so good! You didn't forget to take me to school. " At this time, I can't help admiring my mother's loud voice.

I picked up the pencil box and put it in my schoolbag. Then I walked out of the door and sped my pace towards the school. At this time, the voice behind him rang again: "be careful, pay attention to safety!" "I see!" I have gone far away, maybe my mother can't hear my answer, but I think my mother's heart will feel it.

My mother's loud voice grew up with me. I'm so happy that my mother has such a loud voice! I'm so proud to have such a good mother!

This voice is not beautiful, but I will never forget it, because I remember it in my heart.

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